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The Team Behind Cadeaux


Thanks to our wonderful sponsors for keeping our horses and riders performing at their best all year long, competing at any and every level . 


CWD Sellier

As a major partner to athletes and teams at the highest levels of the sport, we're thrilled to be sponsored by CWD Sellier. As a tried-and-true, favorite brand of our riders, we regularly work with the CWD team to find the best fit for themselves and their horses.


Hallway Feeds

One of our longest partners in keeping our horses at the top of their game. Thanks to Hallway's high-quality products, our horses look and feel the part both at home and on the road at shows.


CFC Farm & Home

Another one of our key suppliers, CFC Farm & Home is an integral piece aiding in the success of our operations and the health of our sales and client horses.


Grand Meadows

Thanks to our newest sponsor, Grand Meadows, we can keep our horses on the best quality supplements for their individual needs. 

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